One-to-One Personal Technology Tuition & Problem Solving In Your Home

With over thirty years experience in the use of computers, and technology in general, I am especially sensitive to the needs of the older generation.

I understand that what the younger generation takes for granted can be bewildering, even frightening, to those who have not grown up with it.
I explain things slowly, using ordinary language, avoiding jargon wherever possible.

Parents should not teach their children to drive, children should not teach their parents to use modern technologies.

Some Examples

Computers - Tablets - Phones - Smart TVs - Freeview - Freesat - Youview - Cameras - Telescopes - Scanners - Printers - Networking - Digital Radio - Roku - Now TV - Amazon Instant Video - Netflix - Windows - Linux - Android - OSX - iOS - Office Software - Photo Software - Video Software - Photo Restoration - Video > DVD - Shopping Online - Accessing Government Online - eBay

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