Computers can be scary! But building up from basic skills they can become useful, if not indispensable. Whether you are completely new to computers or an old hand wanting to learn advanced skills I can help.

Let me personalize a training program that shows you what you want to do without the clutter of technicalities you don't need to know about.


Unsure about installing software? Heard of all this great free software, but also the scare stories of viruses that might be in them?

Let me install software you have bought, or recommend and install the very best of free software - downloaded from source and verified virus free.

After it's installed I can train you to use it effectively, whether you want to write a simple letter, play music or send an email.

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Tune Up

Computer running slowly?

With Tune Up I will examine the programs and services that run automatically whenever you turn on your computer and disable those not needed. I will also check the state of your hard disk and if necesary reorganise it to work more effectively.


Running out of storage space?

Don't rush out and buy a new disk without letting me first remove the junk that accumulates on your machine over time.


Think you've got a virus? Worried about software that might be watching your online banking transactions?

Let me disinfect your computer. I will check for and remove viruses, spyware, malware, root kits, ransomware, PUPS (potentially unwanted programs), browser toolbars and search providers you never installed.

Even if you don't understand the previous paragraph, if you have any concerns about the safety of your machine I will disinfect it for you.


Not sure if your computer is secured?

I will check your computer has an up-to-date anti-virus product installed. There are many free products or, if you prefer, paid products available. I will ensure that it is set to run automatically and to update itself so that you are always protected.

No matter how secure a computer is, it may break or be stolen. I will make sure that there is backup software installed (free or paid) and teach you how to use it. If you want I can set up an online backup routine for you so that even if you lose your computer and local backups you can still recover those important documents or photos.

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